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Nov. 15th, 2010


World Summit of Evil: Play Report

morbane, your wish is my command :)

So Saturday night was the World Summit of Evil LARP, and probably my biggest role to date. I was Façade, de facto leader of the Middle-Men, the Corpus Malevolum’s negotiators. WallCollapse )

I enjoyed hanging out in character, and had a lot of fun scaring people. I do regret not spanking anyone with the riding crop, particularly amphigori. It just seemed like Anarchy would have enjoyed that. But generally, a good night, and only pulling off one of my two goals didn’t mar it- the other was to schmooze and find out what people were up to, and mostly I did manage that. But the most fun was playing on side with some good roleplaying buddies- Nick, Randy and I bounce off each other really well in character. When I told Idiot, who was playing the Fuhrer, after the game that I had convinced the Weasel to take out the hit on him, he shook my hand and looked most impressed. But the favourite moment was anord running up to me afterwards along with her ‘twin’-
R: “You were amazing!”
Anord: “I didn’t know you could be scary like that!”

I don’t think I said on the night, anord, but I was really impressed with you and Russ. I thought you did brilliantly, and I would never have known you were relatively new to LARPing if you hadn’t told me. For the record, the new players all did really well.

Oh, and I’m not *really* like that, honest! Really, I’m just filled with cuddly fluff. Black, black cuddly fluff. With sharp edges. But cuddly!

Oct. 22nd, 2010

Hot Nun Action

Things I Love Friday (it's been a while)

1: My new job! I’m busy and productive! The people I work with and for are nice! Also, CUBA STREET, PEOPLE!

2: When someone I think is completely awesome wants to do stuff with me- like write a LARP, and organise an anachronistic flash mob for Pretend To Be A Time Traveller Day- yes, amphigori, I’m looking at you!- fyi, said day of fun is on Saturday December 8th…anord, as you were the one who told me about it, I hope you’d be up for accosting people in the train station? Also being asked if I’d like to join in on some tabletop in November. It’s so lovely when the shipping is mutual. Also the awkward teenager in me gets really happy whenever cool people want to hang out.

3: Being renewed for another 6 weeks on Elephant Words- lamuella, you need to read one (not by me, though I wish I’d written it) called ‘The Mistake’ from this week. In fact, the rest of you do too. I’ll just wait here while you go read it.

4: Hutt City Libraries for their excellent, and regularly updated, selection of craft books.

5: Bun-Bun and Tetrajak, the gaming buddies I go to the supermarket with. I always, always end up laughing till I cry when I hang out with them. I am currently trying to persuade Bun-Bun that her costume for the next big LARP in Wellington should include a black Lucha Libre mask.

6: Making birthday and Christmas gifts- it’s about that time, but I’m hoping with a little help from the Leethal Quick Knits club that I’ll get plenty done this year.

7: The prospect of new yarn, won in a noble endeavour!

8: Birthday parties Saturday and Sunday! Bank holiday on Monday!

Oct. 3rd, 2010

Hot Nun Action

Stuff I love Sunday

(See what I did there?)

1) Owning at Karaoke! But it was more than just the fact that I, to quote my friend SM, 'knocked it out of the park' on 'Holding out for a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler. My friend B offered to sing 'Tainted Love' with me so I could 'get back on the horse', and generally people seemed keen to be super-supportive. It's a wonderful feeling to have such good, considerate friends around me. Also, private rooms for Karaoke=win. I think I know what I'll be doing on my birthday, people. You have been warned!

2) Crafternoon- it's been For.Ev.Er. I've missed hanging out with the girls, knitting and consuming lots of baked goodies.

3) Serendipity- as in, going into Spotlight to spend the $40 farewell gift from my work, and discovering that almost all the Moda Vera yarns were $1.99 a ball/skein. So much yarn. For reals. And not just one or two skeins- I have SWEATER quantities of 3 different yarns! Also so much red and gold sequinned yarn. SO pretty.

4) My Paul. We've been together 5 years yesterday (dinner at the General Practitioner- such lovely Moules Mariniere, also the Monteith's Spring Brew is made of win). I'm lucky to be with someone who makes it easy.

5) Secret surprises! That are secret! And surprising (I hope in a good way)!

6) There are many things to love about my new job, but I'll say this: 3rd floor office, an entire WALL of which is a window onto the street, which opens onto a balcony. The sunlight, and even the rain, which still has natural light, fills me with joie de vivre.

7) Season 2 of Glee. OMG poor Artie (yes, even though, as my friend NP pointed out, he was kind of a dick towards Tina in the last season). But mainly, it has to be said, watching 2.1 with deepbluemermaid, and the communal gasping and shock and surprise throughout. Just enhanced the whole experience.

Honourable mentions for the following: "Ah, you're that really awesome roleplayer that J met at Day of Games!" "I am?" J: "Yup" Me: *happy-bashful*, baby snuggles, Mochimochi, So. Much. New. Yarn., Sophie's awesome game for Fright Night (seriously, will be so creepy), awkward budding fauxmance- "You smell really good" "Thanks", nice clean lounge, getting things done, new month in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup, fancy modern train on the commute to work, and Pub O'Clock.

Sep. 24th, 2010


WTF Geography

I'll post about WOW in a bit, but first: I've posted a few things lately that were really for my NZ friends' benefit. This post will pretty much only make sense to you if you're from the UK, or at least hella-familiar with the geography.

I had an hour or so to kill before WOW yesterday, so I went into the pub next door to the TSB Arena, sat myself down with a handle of Mac's, and got out my knitting. This guy comes and sits down at my table.
Guy: You shouldn't be doing that in a pub!
Me: Doing what?
Guy: Knitting!
Me: I do it every week. My knitting group meets in a pub. (in my mind: pfffft! :P)

Now, to my dismay, he continues the conversation, interspersed while I talk back (I didn't want to be rude) with such gems as
Guy: "How are you doing that without looking?"
Me: "Practice."

And, on discovering I was making gloves:
"You should wear that on your head when you go into the show."
(Me:Image pops into head)

Anyway, eventually the conversation turns to places in the UK that he knows, because that's usually one of the things Kiwis talk about with people from the UK, after some chat about accents and how he can't hear them but English people can, yada yada yada.

He starts telling me about this guy he knew in the UK, who was a member of the National Front.
Guy: He used to go around Bristol with a group of mates and beat up know, darkies.
Me (thinks) Wow, that's some lovely intolerance right there. Great vocabulary, really. Why can't I run into people I KNOW at a time like this? Oh, right, because none of them would normally be caught dead in this pub...

At this point, I am somewhat taken aback by the idea of Bristol as a hotbed of racial violence. But curiosity gets the better of me.

Me (says): Bristol?
Guy: Yeah, what's Bristol like? Where is it?
Me: Well, it's down in the West Country and, well, a comedian once said that in London, you get off the train and here these really alarmed announcements about unattended bags, but in Bristol, no lie, the only announcement was "oi, mind the pigeons".
Guy: So do they have a lot of soccer violence?
Me: No, Bristol isn't really known for any violence.
Guy: Well this guy, he used to go round Bristol in a gang of about 40 or 50 guys and just attack Indians, he said.
Me: (thinks) Yup, still loving where this conversation has gone, I DON'T think.
Me: (says): Really?
Guy: Yeah, going round, wait. BRIXTON. That was it.
Me: (sighs and wonders how long before my MIL shows up).

While I was wondering how to extricate myself politely, a woman came up and told me how it was lovely to see a young woman knitting, and her old gran and her friends used to take THEIR knitting bags everywhere, that's how you get things finished. She knits, too, on the train.

I may have felt the teensiest bit of triumph at the guy's expression.

Note to self- when knitting solo, next time do it in Espressoholic. The hipsters don't bother you when you're crafting. Also they have cake.

Sep. 23rd, 2010

Hot Nun Action

Things I Love Thursday

1) The LARP on Saturday night was an alloy of awesome, win, and spending-time-with-lovely-people goodness. I loved my character, and was playing with/off some excellent people. More, Paul and Jenni, more!

2) Debuting my Stop Staring dress today. I'm strutting round the office like I'm Maggie Gyllenhaal or something (without the BDSM).

3) World of Wearable Art tonight- I've never been, and I'm super-excited. Though a little scared of how many ideas it will give me.

4) Getting complimented on clothes! I seem to have more people saying things I'm wearing are cool lately. But I've also had people complimenting things I've made.

5) Unexpectedly cool leaving gift from one of the centres I work at in the form of a Minerva gift voucher (Minerva= wonderful, inspiring bookshop, art gallery and purveyor of little gorgeous things for crafting). How shall I ever decide what to buy?

6) Stories still a-comin' on Elephant Words, folks! Also, new flash fics are up.

Honourable mentions for: honey soy Kettle fries, running into 2 LARPing buddies and going round the supermarket together plotting, cuddles, friends' birthdays approaching (I like finding presents), linking up with friends on LJ, books from the library, writing, knitting, and NEW JOB NEXT WEEK.

Edited to add one last TIL- this groomsmen photo from Offbeat Bride (now that looks like a fun wedding):

Sep. 22nd, 2010


(no subject)

So the questionnaire for the Kapcon LARP in January has been up all of a week and a half, and we already have 19 responses...that's nearly a third full, and it's September.

While this is very gratifying- people seem super-excited about the game, as I am- it is also a little scary, I mean, pressure much? But I have faith in our writing team- every time we get together and discuss the characters and how it's all going to work, the game gets better. People become less 2-dimensional, more morally complex and interesting. Motivations make more sense. One of the questions we ask each other a lot is "OK, so why doesn't this person just do X?" and end up going in interesting new directions.

S said to me at the last meeting that she's finding that she wants to play a lot of the characters herself. I think that says we're on the right track.

Sep. 20th, 2010

Team Edward

Coming soon, from League of Heroes Comics!

This is really just for jenni_talula's benefit, and the possible interest of anyone else who was at the LARP on Saturday. I had so many future story arcs in my head, I had to get them down.

Here's what I think happened after the receptionCollapse )
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Team Edward

Play Report- 'You Are Cordially Invited'

AKA the Superhero Wedding Reception.
What happened plus pictures behind the cut- warning, serious wall of text- I mean it, this post is major for lengthCollapse ) I had a fantastic time, people loved the LEDs in the costume, and special thanks to Sam (Kelly), Antz (Billy), Valeria (Randy), and Ichiko- also to Jenni and Paul (not MY Paul) for writing and running an excellent game.

There are lots of pictures of the night here

Sep. 16th, 2010

Team Edward

I'm 31. AWESOME.

I want to say to start off with that I am NOT directing this post at anyone with birthdays that have happened recently or are about to happen. Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday guys! I love you all! How to say what I want to say came to me today, so I'm getting it down before I get it muddled.

Also- IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY. THAT WAS IN MAY. Just to be clear.

I've noticed a tendency amongst people I know (actually, just people) to complain about getting older, at least after they turn 18 (or 21 in the States) and can do as they please. It worries me that we're so down on growing up. It's especially depressing when people who are younger than me (several years younger, sometimes even decades younger) complain about getting older- OMG! I'm [insert age in the 20s here]!

I'm as guilty of this as the next person- I wanted to be married before I was 30- was actually quite disappointed I didn't manage to become so by 28- even though I was with my wonderful husband already, and we were heading in that direction from pretty early on. I didn't want to turn 31- I mean, that's ANCIENT.

For the record, it's not just women that I've caught doing this. My usual response in the past has been "You're worried about turning [insert age in your 20s]- SOME OF US ARE IN OUR 30s".

Well that's not a helpful response either. By saying that, I'm just endorsing the fact that being sad about getting old is OK. It's not OK, and it's time it stopped.

So I'm putting a stop to it. At least for myself.

You know what? I'm another year older, and it's OK. It's GOOD. I have another year of good memories, and I'm a year closer to my friends because of all the wonderful, crazy stuff we've done. I've done a year's worth of knitting projects. I've written a year's worth of new stories. Paul and I have been together for another year, in which we've been happy and in love, and I've had lots of cuddles, strokey-head, kisses, and of course tickles (OK, maybe I'm not so happy about the tickles). I've learned things. I've read more books. I've watched more fantastic films, and TV shows. I've found lots more things I love.

If I complain about being another year older, I'm saying that everything good that has happened to me, everything I've achieved, learned, enjoyed, and done, is worthless. Don't believe me? Well, if it was a year ago, I wouldn't have done any of that stuff.

Also, anyone who tells me they wish they were a teenager again is lying. Are you really telling me you'd give away everything you've had since you turned 20 just to addle your brain with hormones and have all those mistakes to make again? Because mistakes are important. We become who we are not only because of our achievements and our relationships, but because of what we learn from our mistakes.

So in the name of radical self-love, I'm going to say it again:

I'm 31. AWESOME.

And I'm going to focus on making this year another one that I wouldn't trade back to be younger.
Hot Nun Action

Things I Love Thursday

How is it Thursday already? Anyway...

1) LEDs finally arrived in the post for my Cyborg costume for Saturday night- I'ma light that s*** UP!

2) Border Control: Universe

3) The difference between Chai Tea and Tai Chi

4) Discovering that (unlike London- no really), I can get BOTH of my favourite magazines in Wellington.

5) The dress I got on Trade Me from Stop Staring arrived, is gorgeous, fits me and will be debuting at World of Wearable Art next week (My MIL bought tickets months ago, and I can't wait!). If you're interested, it's the Bombshell dress in black with pink trim. I may well ask for some more for Christmas (like the Lula in eggplant, Newport Navy, Paris, Hayworth...yeah).

6) Another story on 365 Tomorrows, another on Elephant Words, and not forgetting the latest one at Stories In A Flash.

7) Lots of productive knitting- now if I can just finish the big project, I can get on with crocheting that, really.

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